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It was a far cry from, say, how Baltimore cops handled Freddie Gray before he sustained his lethal damage behind a police van. It also stood in stark distinction to how a cop killed George Floyd over the nonviolent suspicion that he used counterfeit money. The way regulation enforcement dealt with Potter’s arrest lent further credence to the notion of white folks having the ability to commit violent crimes solely to be peacefully arrested. It is neither a coincidence nor a foreign idea versus the style during which Black and brown suspects are treated when going through related allegations, which far too typically ends in dying.

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Legalization will lead to a predicted improve in marijuana use with resultant increases in automobile crashes, work place injuries, unintentional poisonings, acute medical problems, and psychiatric reactions. Virginia does not want marijuana legalization now. The accused appeared in courtroom Monday and was charged with two counts of attempted felony murder and one rely of aggravated assault. During the court docket appearance, the prosecutor spoke about the extent of the injuries the victims sustained.

Forty-p.c of intercourse-trafficking victims had been Black ladies. Fifty-% of Black girls skilled some kind of sexual exploitation before they had been 18. And sure, he did know the stats — he’d turn into obsessive about them since Pru was born. Vic knew them, too; she’d been properly conscious rising up that if she went missing, the cops wouldn’t waste a tank of fuel in search of her. At Maya’s, Dean tried to pawn off as Travis and Vic’s housewarming present a teddy bear that had been despatched by his mother and father for Pru. They were making an attempt to fix fences, and he wasn’t having it; they’d minimize him off, for Pete’s sake. “You’re a grown man with a job,” Vic identified.

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  • How unbelievable with all of this violence that police nonetheless managed to peacefully arrest the alleged killer.
  • Yet, by some means, police discovered a approach to de-escalate the situation without resorting to the type of lethal pressure cops typically rely on when confronting Black suspects accused of far less.
  • She had the audacity to plead not responsible to 4 counts of aggravated assault, false imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a minor.
  • Murdy’s neighbor was heading to take out his trash on the time and had to quickly seek cowl to keep away from being hit with the rapidly fired bullets.
  • But the rules change when white of us are concerned, as shown by the Pasco Sheriff’s Office, which fortunately snapped Probus’ gleeful mugshot.
  • History has shown that Black individuals accused of much much less have suffered a lot worse fates at the hands of police, especially in Florida.

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To make matters worse, Trifiletti tried to imply that Lewis identified himself as a gang member. However, two witnesses stated they by no means heard Lewis say that he was “GD,” a reference to the Gangster Disciples avenue gang. It was actually the polar reverse kind of response we’ve seen when there’s a Black suspect, as evidenced by Jacob Blake, who was shot within the again a minimum of seven times last https://married-dating.org/benaughty-review/ month in Wisconsin whereas the unarmed Black man was attempting to get into his personal automobile. That allegation coupled with the 10 guns police confiscated from the home would most likely end in some type of violence if the suspect was Black. But Parscale, who stands at an intimidating 6’8, wasn’t even charged with a crime, not to mention arrested.


Common sense and an abundance of caution suggests we avoid marijuana legalization now to give attention to restoration from the pandemic, financial recession and our subsequent state deficit. Virginia also wants time to see the effects of the newly handed marijuana decriminalization bill.

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The man’s mom rushed to a neighbor’s residence and known as the police. Officers arrived on the residence and found the child mendacity face-down in the entrance yard of the house. It appeared as if the baby’s nose was bitten off. On Saturday, the accused, recognized as 29-year-old Pierre Francois, who suffers from schizophrenia, started beating his mother.