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Área comercial

Para comunicarse con nuestra área comercial los datos son los siguientes:

They’re also able to supply you with feedback on the progress of your resume and the way to These templates are going to aid you to choose the ideal format and structure for the essay.

make almost any adjustments which have to be made.

Radio Pulso
General del Canto 50, Providencia – Santiago

Contacto comercial

Ejecutiva Concepción
Catalina Gutiérrez
Mail: [email protected]
Celular: +56 9 6564 7097

Ejecutivos Ventas Directas Santiago
Claudio G Gallardo
Mail: [email protected]
Celular: +569 88067741

Orlando Gabo Leal
Mail: [email protected]
Celular: +56 9 4516 6651